Friday, May 20, 2011

Save Hook & Ladder 8

Who you gonna call? Not Hook & Ladder 8, or 19 other firehouses in all five boroughs, if NYC Mayor Bloomberg has anything to say about it. The City Council had to force the mayor to reveal the list of 20 fire companies that are on the chopping block because of budget cuts, which just goes to show how ugly this fight is going to get.

Included in this list is the aforementioned Hook & Ladder 8 of TriBeCa. It's most well-known for being the Ghostbusters' headquarters, aside from being a city landmark. In this respect the building is protected from being torn down. But regardless of its pop culture significance, which draws fans and tourists from around the world, it is a working, fully functioning firehouse. It serves the community and is a beloved fixture in the neighborhood. Its crew was among the first to respond to the 9/11 attack and deserves the utmost respect. So how does closing it down make sense in any context? This unit saves lives and helps people. Remove one integral part, and the rest suffers. And this goes for all the other firehouses in danger of being shut down.

Hook & Ladder 8 is uniquely lucky in that it already has a built-in fanbase, so if they can rally the numbers, maybe we can do something to keep this house open, if it's the only one that can be saved. If you're on Facebook, please join/like this group:

I paid a little visit to the firehouse a couple of summers ago. The men working there are super nice and it would be a shame if they lost their jobs. Their job loss means a loss of safety and security. And who knows what would happen to the historic building if the firehouse shuts down? Another Duane Reade or Dunkin' Donuts? Or a luxury condo for celebrities? Come on, Mayor Bloomberg. Do the right thing and keep it open.

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To paraphrase Dr. Peter Venkman, NOBODY STEPS ON A FIREHOUSE IN MY TOWN.

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