Monday, May 31, 2010

creepy and kooky

I got off work early and decided to go up to the Museum of the City of New York, since it was the last free Monday. Saw the Charles Addams exhibit and it was deliciously wonderful. They even had his drawing materials and desk on display, plus a cloth window shade on which he drew an almost life-sized Morticia. One of his morbid NYC-centric cartoons even gave me an idea for something, I don't know what, but I want to do something with it: there are two men standing on a Wall Street corner, and one says ominously, "And on every October twenty-third since 1929..." as they both look up at a skyscraper, from which two ghostly figures plummet. It made me shudder.

There was an exhibit of cars and the auto industry in New York. Pretty, pretty, shiny cars. Just vintage photos and paraphernalia and and models, but still very pretty, along with slideshows of fancy auto shows in the 1920s and '30s. Then there were some very beautiful photos of NYC from past decades, and some really depressing ones by Jacob Riis (Lower East Side tenements, plus the famous Bandits Roost). I watched a short film narrated by Stanley Tucci about the changing face of New York City from its Dutch colony days to pre-9/11. And then I bought some postcards and skyscraper flashcards in the gift shop. Parts of the museum were under construction so I think I could've seen way more, but this was good enough for a free day.

Then I went across the street to Central Park. I had never been in the park this far up, at 103rd Street. I had no idea that the glorious Eden-like Conservatory Garden was up there. Holy crap, what a discovery for me! All the greenery and flowers and the shady, winding pathways! I started taking pictures of flowers like a madwoman and then almost cried when the battery died on me. I will have to go back up there soon.