Monday, June 29, 2009

Graveyards, Firehouses, Grand Central Terminal

Part I - 20 photos
Part II - 20 photos

Okay, the hole in the ground is a tourist attraction, I get it.

Like an idiot, I didn't even check when the FDNY museum was open, because I discovered today that it's closed on Mondays, ahahahah. Oh well. This resulted in meandering around lower Manhattan; passed the Ghostbusters HQ; passed the firefighters' memorial at Ladder 10; explored the Trinity Church graveyard; went all the way uptown and wandered around Grand Central; went to the Mid-Manhattan Library and picked up the complete series of "The Black Donnellys"; then went back downtown and had dinner and dessert at Live Bait. I am all walked-out.

My favorite photo that I managed to snap: Engine 10 as it screamed around the corner from the firehouse just as I was approaching. I kinda like that you can only see the firefighter's sleeve (although I'm sure he was hot).