Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Bridges

Part I - 15 photos
Part II - 15 photos
Part III - 14 photos
Part V - 11 photos

I'm gonna feel this in the morning.

Okay, so, the Brooklyn Book Festival. Made it there early enough to catch the tail end of the sci-fi and fantasy authors panel. Managed to avoid buying anything at a booth selling imported pulp crime novels. Sat in on the reading with Pete Hamill and got a taste of "Snow in August." (Seriously, can I have this man as my uncle who tells stories all the time? Please?) Unfortunately, I didn't know that his time for signing books had been one hour prior, so I didn't get a chance to talk to him. ALAS. Next year, then.

However, I did stumble upon an out-of-the-way table where "Don't Call Us Molls: Women of the John Dillinger Gang" was being sold by the author herself, Ellen Poulsen. I'd been wanting this book for the longest time, and she was offering it for only $10. Awesome! She signed my copy and we had a nice little chat. I told her how I was fascinated by the era, and she said her head seemed to be stuck in the 1920s-'30s, too. It's so great to meet authors who share the same passion for this specific time period!

Then at another booth I spotted "Automats, Taxi Dances, & Vaudeville," which was a no-brainer for me. Bought it. I sat in the park and read a few pages of the chapter about the Horn & Hardart automat on 42nd Street and it really made me wish it still existed. It's now a huge tourist souvenir shop, but there are some relics, like tile mosaics and a gilded staircase that had seen better days.

After a rest, I took the 4 train over to Bowling Green to eat at the Dutch village again. Got myself a box of really good fries and a mac and cheese kroket, ate it in the park. Then I waited for the sun to start setting before I hopped the train again to the Brooklyn Bridge. Being my insane self, I walked all the way across it. Set foot in Brooklyn, wandered around the area, took some photos of the Manhattan Bridge as seen from a cobblestone street with ancient streetcar tracks still embedded in it (very cool). Sat by the riverside between the bridges while the sun went down. In all my years, I've never been there, never done that. Now I have.

At dusk the lights on both bridges turned on. It was time for me, insane me, to go walk back across the Brooklyn Bridge. This is why I say I'm gonna feel this in the morning, not just in my legs but in my shoulders, too, because books get heavy when you carry them all day in a tote bag. I took some kickass photos, though. This wasn't all just for the exercise, y'know. (LOL exercise.)

Took a hot shower when I got home, ate dinner, sat my ass down in front of the computer, typed this up, and now I feel as if I'm going to fall over.


Friday, September 11, 2009