Thursday, October 30, 2008

The obligatory chemist.

I watched King of New York, which stars Christopher Walken, Laurence Fishburne, David Caruso, and Wesley Snipes, all looking very 1990. Walken is a powerful gang leader who's released from jail and reclaims his territory and wealth, while at the same time wanting to build a hospital for poor people. What? Okay. That part of the plan didn't exactly stick with me. I was too distracted by the large amounts of cocaine everywhere. Caruso was your typical rogue coppity copper cop policeman guy, and Snipes was his partner,, I think? There needed to be more partnership because I didn't buy their relationship either. One can't help but make fun of the car chase in which Snipes and Fishburne are leaning out of windows and directly shooting at each other's vehicles with many, many rounds of ammunition, yet none of the windows are blown out. And oh, right, there is never any traffic on the Queensboro Bridge, sure, feel free to speed along as you wish! (Btw, Walken + Fishburne forever.)

It was flawed but I enjoyed it well enough as sort of an urban gangster time capsule. All the locations are genuine NYC and not Toronto doubles, which is what I liked. And the subways were real. I recognized one of the exits in the Times Square subway station, so that was neat. I mean, I live here and all, but it's nice to see the old dirty side of the city portrayed in a movie from 18 years ago. ...I don't know what's so "nice" about it, but you know what I mean. (I really do need to rewatch those Charles Bronson movies.)

Anyway, the real reason why this movie was in my Netflix queue is because Steve Buscemi has a cameo. Well, it turned out to be a cameo because after about the first ten minutes of being in Walken's gang, he just completely disappeared. Darn. (Oh, and speaking of cameos, it took a lot of blinking to realize that Pete Hamill was in it for a couple minutes -- as himself.)

Steve Buscemi played a dude named Test Tube who...did...some chemical stuff to cocaine, or something. I have no idea what he was doing. But he was adorable in his glasses and Run-D.M.C. fedora and black outfit. Also? He said the word.... "Copasetic." I swear, my heart turned a somersault when he said that, you have NO idea.

So here, have screencaps!

He's got some Hawaiian Punch...and some Alka-Seltzer...

 "Copasetic," indeed!

Uh oh. He seems to be upset.

Busting a cap in someone's ass.