Friday, June 6, 2008

Pre-code pic spam!

Just a few nuggets of joy. Here's Joan Blondell, Barbara Stanwyck, and Ben Lyon in Night Nurse. Lyon is happy because the nice nurses have agreed not to report his bullet wound to the police. Yay! What was kind of surprising was that quite a lot of blood was shown on his hand and shirt. I wonder if they had rules against too much gore.

Fun Fact: James Cagney was considered for Lyon's role (he would've been adorable in it), but after Cagney's success in The Public Enemy, the studio didn't think that he should be relegated to supporting roles anymore.

Now, two more from Lady Killer, starring Cagney and Mae Clarke. These could almost be deemed not safe for work. Gasp!

James Cagney loves Mae Clarke.

James Cagney loves Mae Clarke not.