Saturday, May 17, 2008

Three on a match again, looks like I lost a friend...

I watched Three On a Match tonight, which was a good dose of pre-code goodness! I'd been wanting to see this one for a long time, but it only recently came out on a DVD compilation of banned movies from the 1930s. Why banned? Because let's see: children discussing underpants, children smoking, adultery, alcoholism, explicit gang activity, child neglect, Bette Davis in a slip and a bathing suit, a beating (offscreen, but the cries were chilling), Ann Dvorak on the smack, and a horrific suicide. All this in only 63 minutes! They just don't make movies like this any more!

It's about three friends who went to school together and whose lives took different paths until they were all brought together again as adults. Joan Blondell was endearingly spunky as the chorus girl. Bette Davis was underused, but wow, was she a pretty little thing as a "career" girl (a.k.a., typist). Ann Dvorak was just grand as the discontent wife of a rich lawyer. The adorable little boy who played Ann's son bordered on annoying, but oh my, he could break your heart. Humphrey Bogart showed up and growled and glared at everyone.

See how cute Bette Davis was?

Joan Blondell is concerned! She had the best expressions.

Joan is concerned about Ann Dvorak, who is now Crack Lady.
But no matter! Joan and Bette will just go to the beach and toss a ball around!
Humphrey Bogart as one of the gangsters who are harrassing Ann's boyfriend for money that he owes.
 He spent almost all his scenes with a scowl on his face. It's a very hot scowl.


The boy, who was kidnapped by Ann's boyfriend to-- aw, hell, just see the movie. BUT LOOK. DOES HE NOT BREAK YOUR HEART?

This is basically how he looked a couple years later in The Petrified Forest, except less grizzled.