Tuesday, August 15, 2006


I saw a segment on some show on the Food network about an Irish pub called McSorley's Old Ale House, which was established in 1854 and had such famous patrons as General Custer and Abraham Lincoln. Now, I'm not necessarily one for drinking, but this is the kind of old New York that I love. The current proprietor says that every single thing in the pub has a rich history, a story to be told about it. I would just love to hear every one of them. The back room was used during Prohibition to sell the real stuff, but now it's converted into sitting areas with nooks and crannies and niches devoted to art, music, and writing all pertaining to the pub's rich past. I think the place even has sawdust on the floor. And some cats! Also, until 1970, women were banned from the establishment -- even the wives/mothers of its owners/managers pledged to keep out.

They serve authentic shepherd's pie and other simple, hearty comfort foods, along with a buy-a-pint, get-a-second-pint free deal. I wonder if anybody'd be up for this some time...

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