Sunday, September 11, 2005

Promises not kept.

Every year since 2001, my favorite NY Daily News columnist, Pete Hamill, writes something about 9-11. And so he delivers again:

Promises Not Kept.

Four years gone, and the void remains.

Four years gone, and the fence still surrounds our ruined 16 acres, while nothing rises to the skies.

Four years gone. Longer than it took the United States to fight World War II.

Tourists still arrive at the site of the vanished World Trade Center, aiming digital cameras at each other, or past the fence, but there are fewer of them now. Some gaze at the three panels of the Ground Zero time line on the fence, with its scenes of destruction and heroism. A few seem choked with memory, or anger, recalling where they were when the south tower fell. A few are New Yorkers. For many, it was a television event.

"It was right over there, Margaret," a pudgy man says to his wife, pointing at the void. "Right there." A pause. "Remember?"