Tuesday, December 14, 2004

A love song I can get behind.

"The Subway Song" from 1948:

I'm in love with a girl and she loves me, too,
But our love life is hardly complete.
'Cuz she lives in Brooklyn on New Lots Avenue
And I live in the Bronx on 242nd Street.
We never bill and coo the way young people do.
Oh no, not we.
Those midnight hours of bliss when other couples kiss
We spend on the IRT.

When you hold her hand she kind of purrs,
But the train's so packed, you can't be sure you're holding hers.
You think of pretty things to whisper in her ear
But the train is making so much noise that she can't hear.
You may not know the fellow standing at your right
But you can tell exactly what he ate that night.
Though you've put a brand-new shirt on and your suit is pressed
By the time you get to Borough Hall you're half undressed.